The Original L.C. Anderson High School

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For over 80 years, from 1889 to 1971, L.C. Anderson thrived as the premier school on Austin’s East Side. In 1971 the school was ordered closed by a federal judge as part of desegregation and a new, integrated L. C. Anderson High School was opened in 1973 at the current site.

The Original LC Anderson HS had an eighty-two year history of excellence in academics, fine arts, college and career preparation and athletics. Even though the school was closed, the graduates of the Original LC Anderson High School have alumni chapters in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Southern California/Arizona/Nevada!  

In addition, the staff and students at the current L. C. Anderson High School are grateful for the foundation of greatness that has been built and shaped our present school and will work to live up to the promise and expectations forged so long ago by the alumni of the Original L. C. Anderson High School. We are excited about “Linking the Past to Enrich the Future”. Thank you for being a part of the great history of our school.

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