International Baccalaureate (IB)

IB fosters a positive attitude to learning by encouraging students to ask challenging questions, to critically reflect, to develop research skills, and to learn how to learn.

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23-24 IB Diploma Programme Handbook

IB @ Anderson FAQs

Discover Excellence: The IB Diploma Programme at Anderson High School

Unleash Your Potential, Elevate Your Worldview

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme - where students in the 11th and 12th grades transform into global scholars.

🌍 Critical Thinking: Embrace creative solutions and ignite your analytical prowess.

🌏 Service Learning: Act, lead, and create positive change, from your community to the world.

🌎 Global Perspective: Join a program that sets the bar for academic excellence worldwide.

Since 1991, we've been an IB Authorized World School… a world of possIBilities!


What makes IB different?

Experience the Comprehensive IB Diploma Curriculum

At Anderson High School, our IB diploma candidates embark on a dynamic 2-year educational journey, delving into six distinct areas of study. This comprehensive program is structured to provide both depth and breadth in their learning. 

Here’s what the IB Diploma Programme entails:

Three High-Level Courses (HL): 🚀 Dive deep into these subjects with two years of intensive IB-level study.

Three Standard-Level Courses (SL): 📚 Explore these subjects with one to two years of rigorous IB-level study.

Click on a subject to explore the IB DP curriculum and subject briefs:

  1. English Language - English A: Literature (HL)
  2. Language Acquisition (SL or HL) - Chinese, French, German, Latin, or Spanish 
    1. Language ab initio (SL) for students with limited language acquisition experience 
  3. Individuals & Societies - Delve into History of the Americas (HL); understand the intricate human mind with Psychology (SL or HL).
  4. Sciences - Take your pick from the fascinating worlds of Biology (SL or HL) or Physics (SL).
  5. Mathematics: Master the universal language of numbers with Analysis and Approaches (SL) or Applications and Interpretation (SL).
  6. The Arts: Immerse yourself in the world of Visual Arts (SL or HL), or explore another captivating subject from groups 2, 3, or 4.

Additional course offerings for the 24-25 school year: IB Economics (SL) and IB Film (SL).

Join Anderson's IB Diploma Programme and embark on a voyage of intellectual growth and exploration, preparing for a future filled with possIBilities! 🌟

Explore the IB Core Components

🤔📚💡Theory of Knowledge (TOK): 

Dive into the essence of knowledge across diverse areas. Discover the interplay of different knowledge domains (Areas of Knowledge) and delve into how we perceive and validate our understanding.

📝🔍🎓Extended Essay: 

Engage in independent research. Craft a 4,000-word research paper on a topic of your choice within IB guidelines. Receive guidance in TOK classes and mentorship from a supervisor.

🎨🏃‍♂️🤝Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS): 

Document and reflect on your personal growth journey. Enrich your interpersonal skills alongside your academics through a portfolio of creative, active, and service experiences. A pivotal part of the full IB Diploma studies, you'll shape this collection over 18 months.


Joining the IB Course (formerly Certificate): A Commitment to IB Excellence

Embracing the IB Course means not only committing to your educational journey but also agreeing to uphold the rigorous standards set forth by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

In the Select Course Pathway, you're in control of your IB journey. Here's what it offers:

  • Focused Study: You'll dive into advanced IB courses and fully complete the coursework and exams for at least two higher-level (HL) IB courses. This engaging academic experience spans your junior and senior years, giving you the chance to explore these subjects in-depth.

However, we'd like to make it clear that the Select Course (Certificate) Pathway doesn't include the extended essay or the CAS requirement. Additionally, the TOK class is not part of this journey.

By enrolling in our certificate courses, both students and their parents commit to following IBO's requirements and policies.

It is highly recommended that students and parents read the subject brief for each course and Assessment Guide For Students and Parents provided by the IBO before enrolling in an IB course.

Parents of students receiving 504 or Special Education services are also advised to read section 3 of the IBO’s Access and Inclusion policy.

Your dedication ensures a smooth and rewarding experience, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Together, we'll unlock a world of possIBilities through education.