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Austin-Koblenz Student Exchange 

Established in 1991 


Students studying German have the opportunity to participate in Anderson’s student exchange with students of Koblenz, Austin’s sister city in Germany.  Koblenz, a city of approximately 110,000, lies on the most picturesque part of the Rhine River.  In odd-numbered years, Koblenz students visit Austin, and in even-numbered years, Austin students travel to Koblenz for three-weeks.  The highlight of the exchange is the home stay, which not only makes the trip very affordable, but also gives students the opportunity to get to know a German family on a very personal level. 


When we travel to Germany, we go at the beginning of summer break, when we are out of school, but the German schools are still in session.  The cost of the three-week exchange depends upon the group air fare we are able to negotiate.  In past years, we have been able to keep the total cost of the trip under $2000.  


When the Koblenz group travels here to Austin, they come after spring break in late March or early April.  


Students attend school with their partners on most of the school days and spend the weekend with the family.  Students are encouraged to learn as much about the culture and language in school, at home with the family, and touring with their friends.  In addition, the visiting group takes several day trips to nearby cities and attractions and usually one overnight stay.  


We usually have our first parent information session about the upcoming exchange approximately two weeks after Back to School Night.  At that time, parents receive forms to complete if they decide they would like for their child to participate in the exchange.  Frau Lesher and Frau Feldkamp will decide on whom they will accept as exchange members by the end of October.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!