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Parent Education and Resources

An important objective for all PTAs, including Anderson's PTSA, is to promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship. This objective can be met by assisting parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children. To that end, this page offers information and identifies websites that Anderson parents/guardians may choose to utilize as tools for raising their children and supporting our greater community.

Vaping Awareness Resources


Want to learn more about the impact vaping has on our youth? Click HERE for videos on topics such as:

  • How JUUL made nicotine go Viral
  • Identifying Which Products Teens are Vaping
  • Risky Business Webinar

And More

PTA Parent Resources (Local & National)
Local and National PTA parent resources are free and can be accessed by clicking on the links below:
Austin Council of PTAs (ACPTA)
National PTA
AHS Parent Education Mini-Videos
Starting in 2015/16, the PTSA kicked off a new Parent Education platform bringing together speaker interviews and topical resources in a video format. These parent education mini-videos are released on and shared through the Trojan Times weekly e-newsletter, Facebook and the website. Last year’s mini-videos can still be found under the PTSA tab or by CLICKING HERE
Understanding The State of Texas School Funding Model & Anticipated Local Bond Elections
School Funding
Our tax dollars. Our kids. Our future.

In Austin, our thriving economy is leading the way for the entire nation. To continue our economic leadership, Austin needs successful, capable students fully prepared to compete in tomorrow’s economy.

Right now, Austin students face a major barrier to success: an outdated state school finance system that doesn’t provide the resources our students need. Under our state’s system for funding public education, Austin ISD sends far more money to the state than it gets back.

In 2015/16, AISD expects to send $175 million in local property tax revenue to the state—more than any other school district in Texas.

The formulas used to determine how much state funding our district receives haven’t been changed in 30 years, but the costs continue to rise.

In 2014, a state district judge determined that our state’s system for funding public schools is “inadequate, unsuitable and inequitable.”

Learn more here about how the Texas system of funding public schools affects Austin ISD. Share it with your colleagues, neighbors and anyone else who has an interest in the future of our community and region.

After all, it’s our tax dollars. Our kids. Our future. WATCH AN INFORMATIVE 3-MINUTE VIDEO ON AISD & SCHOOL FUNDING
AISD School Bonds & FABPAC (Facilities and Bond Public Advisory Committee)
How many of you have heard of the FABPAC (Facilities and Bond Public Advisory Committee)? If you haven’t, please watch the following video to give you an overview of what has been happening at AISD in conjunction with the FABPAC: " rel="noopener" target="_blank">
Driving Safety
The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and AAA are concerned about your safety on our nation’s roads. They are calling for drivers to put away distractions and focus only on the road. We all face constant demands for our time and we all have to juggle more than ever before. Unfortunately, many people multi-task while driving, which is NEVER a good idea. Being distracted behind the wheel for even just a few seconds greatly increases your chance of a crash. Distracted driving contributes to almost 8,000 crashes every single day. According to the AAA Foundation’s 2009 Traffic Safety Culture Index, 80% of drivers say distracted driving is a serious threat to their safety, yet two-thirds of drivers reported talking on the cell phone while driving. This “do as I say, not as I do” attitude must change if we are going to stop crashes and fatalities caused by distracted drivers.
You can help by committing to be a distraction-free driver and by asking your child to do the same. Below are 10 quick and easy ways to minimize distractions to keep yourself and all of us safer on the roads.

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Stow electronic devices
  3. Prepare kids and pets for the trip
  4. Satisfy that craving off the road
  5. Store loose gear and possessions
  6. Get your vehicle road- ready
  7. Dress for success before you get in the car
  8. Get your brain in the game
  9. Evaluate your own behavior from the “other” side of the road
  10. Use new technology to make you a better driver